American ExpressFact Sheets

Fact sheets, guides, infographics, and other technical content to support the Amex sales team.

Content Writer
July 2022

American Express needs no introduction, but when it comes to their long list of card products and features, it's a whole different ballgame.

The challenge: to create content that would help support the American Express sales team by simplifying explanations for over 14 different card products. Each card had its own unique selling point, as well as over a dozen features and benefits.

The solution: to create a distinct fact sheet for each card product. Each fact sheet would highlight the benefits of each card (shown as subheads), the intended audience or card holder, and the specific features of the card. Finally, it had to include an extensive Terms and Conditions page that matched each benefit.

Example of a Fact Sheet (not representative of the finished product)

In addition to the card fact sheets, I also had to help explain more complex card features and benefits, like American Express Maps and Pay Over Time. We found a clean and simple infographic approach to be the most elegant solution.

An infographic for automated accounts payable

An infographic for American Express Maps

Within just a few weeks, we began to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from the sales team about the fact sheets and infographics. Finally, instead of having to flick through several PowerPoint slides, they could just glance at a single page. This was even more useful for salespeople in calls with prospective clients: it helped save them countless hours on the phone.