McCain FoodsMarketing Materials

Developed sales sheets, how-to guides, trade show handouts, and other marketing collateral for McCain Foods sales representatives.

McCain Foods is the world's largest manufacturer of frozen potato products. You can find their potatoes in the frozen aisle of your local supermarket, your favorite fast-food chain, and even your local bar or pub. There's a good chance you've already tasted McCain fries or tater tots and thought it was handmade (sorry to break it to you).

McCain's page on making fries

McCain's challenge: to sell their potato products to restaurants and dining establishments in a post-pandemic era. In a time where few people eat out, kitchen staff is shrinking, and inflation threatens popular the restaurant industry, McCain wanted to assure restaurant operators that they had their backs.

I was tasked with creating technical content for McCain sales representatives. These reps would use this content to sell potato products to schools, local eateries, and other businesses.

An infographic about appetizers

An example infographic

We focused on the benefits of specific products. Like how one product would maintain its crispiness even after delivery and takeout. Or how potatoes could be used as an appetizer, side dish, or part of the main course. Or how easy they are to prepare as a school meal.

A page from a guide featuring US potato products

A how-to guide we shared at a trade show

Over the course of two years, I worked on countless how-to guides, recipe booklets, product sheets, sales decks and other collateral to assist salespeople in understanding and selling McCain potato products to restaurant operators and schools. And because McCain featured a fun brand personality, I got away with writing more potato puns than anyone can stomach (see what I mean?).

Front cover of the Mini Masterpieces inspiration guide

A page out of the inspiration guide

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